Marisa Purcell


This body of work began with a motivation to gain a glimpse into unfathomable vastness. The language of abstraction allows for a non-cognitive dialogue with the unified field, where the process of painting itself reveals previously unimagined possibilities. The result is a series of paintings that seem to arise from nothing, as though they are atoms springing into existence from the cosmic void.

Art Exhibition previously on at Karen Woodbury Gallery in Australia.
From Wednesday 10 February 2016 to Saturday 05 March 2016

Perforate image

Published by Karen Woodbury Fine Art on Thursday 25 February 2016.
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Marisa has been widely exhibited and collected over the past two decades both nationally and internationally, with solo exhibitions in Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland and France. She has participated in group exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Dubai and Switzerland. Marisa has completed residencies in Australia and in Italy, France and Switzerland.

This is Marisa’s first solo exhibition at Karen Woodbury Gallery.