Gentle Persuasion - group show

Group Show on Domesticity

Eight emerging and established female artists come together for an exhibition at Percolator Gallery that celebrates the domestic urges of baking cakes, running errands, caring for children and reclaiming lost traditions of house and home. Helena Lloyd, Silke Savran, Laney Robinson, Abby Whittaker, Krystal Ingle, Natasha Lewis-Honeyman, Margo Donoghue & Judy Anderson will challenge power-suit tab

Art Benefit previously on at Percolator Gallery in Brisbane precinct, Queensland, Australia.
From Saturday 23 August 2008 to Tuesday 23 September 2008

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Published by PercolatorGallery on Thursday 11 September 2008.
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From a nuclear family mindset in the 1950’s to a fight for women’s independence and equality in the 1970’s, there now appears to be a new uprising amongst the current generation of women. Could unrelenting maternal instincts, a reinvigoration of lost traditions and a cultural backlash to the fiery feminism of the 60’s and 70’s be attributed to the next wave of women embracing their role in the home?

Curated by Sue-Ching Lascelles, Gentle Persuasion is an all-female exhibition exploring the contemporary woman’s return to the domesticated life. Eight emerging and established artists will chant their mantra that domestic does not equal dull.


134 Latrobe Tce,