Between Here And There

Ying Ang

Marking a departure from fashion and commercial photography, Ying Ang here exhibits images that attempt to capture the beauty of those moments leading up to and in between those often celebrated as the end result, zenith or apogee.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Saturday 27 September 2008 to Sunday 12 October 2008

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 11 September 2008.
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Virtually self taught, Ang has already hewn a highly successful career from fashion and commercial photography, capturing the extremes of ephemeral and timeless styles on a daily basis. Between Here and There marks a departure from her commercial work, instead finding Ang seeking out and celebrating that which we overlook. Between Here and There revels instead in the quiet beauty of the inbetween and lead up moments. Shifting focus away from the end result, Ying’s images, taken from all over the globe, glisten with the deeper lustre of a beauty which has time to accumulate, expand and grow during the course of the journey.

It’s from these seemingly unquiet moments that Ying Ang draws, assembling a series of consistently anticipatory and still images, as ripe with expectation as they are in their gentle grace.