Stephen Gill: myeyefellout

Print Sales Gallery presents myeyefellout, a solo showcase by British photographer Stephen Gill (1971, Bristol). Drawing together six iconic series, myeyefellout reflects on the artist’s lifelong fascination with nature and his dialogue with London’s borough of Hackney.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 18 March 2016 to Sunday 08 May 2016

Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image Stephen Gill: myeyefellout image

Published by anonymous on Friday 04 March 2016.
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A critically acclaimed image-maker, Stephen Gill constantly tests the limits of the photographic medium harnessing a distinct visual language, which fuses documentary photography, coincidence, experiment and intervention. His images aim is to reflect the times we live in by capturing and preserving seemingly inconspicuous but revealing details of daily life.

The exhibition features over twenty framed prints from Hackney Flowers (2003-2007) Buried (2004-2007), Co-existence (2009-2010), Talking to Ants (2009-2013) Hackney Kisses (2012) and Best Before End (2013). Also on display is a selection of his books of photographs including A Series of Disappointments (2008).

Hackney’s landscape and its inhabitants have been a primary focus of Gill’s since the late 1990s when he started documenting the area through a series of portraits and studies. For Gill, ‘straight’ descriptive photography often felt restrictive, unable to fully encapsulate and convey his particular artistic concerns. Embracing the challenges imposed by the medium’s technical boundaries, Gill began encompassing both its perceived ‘weaknesses’ alongside its illustrative strengths in his approach. This included experimenting with part-processing negatives in energy drinks (Best Before End), leaving photos to decompose in the ground (Buried) and utilising pond water during different stages (Co-existence). The resulting works offered new and complex compositions, giving autonomy to the place or subject, giving space to essential details and transforming the often austere scenery.

A highlight of the exhibition is the award winning series Hackney Flowers, in which Gill layered his photographs with seeds, flowers, berries and objects collected from the local area. He then re-photographed them, carefully building up complex multi-layered collages that possess an ephemeral quality.

In Talking to Ants heplaced insects, foliage, dust and debris directly into the body of the camera. Superimposed on city-scenes and portraits, the forms cast tactile silhouettes that disrupt the landscapes and sense of scale depicted in the photographs. The resulting images bear small traces of the environment they were created in, expressing what Gill refers to as ‘the spirit of the place’.

Hackney Kisses presents a collection of photographs reprinted from thousands of 1950s negatives bought by Gill on eBay. Capturing Eastenders on their wedding day, Gill selected snaps capturing the bride and groom’s first kiss. By focusing on this one traditional moment, Gill sought to re-contextualise the narrative of the images as one continuous kiss.

Alongside the fine art prints, the exhibition also presents an overview of Gill’s internationally celebrated publications to date. These were produced by Gill’s own publishing house Nobody, (established in 2005) which is widely acknowledged as a trailblazer in the self-publishing movement.

To coincide with the exhibition and as part of the Gallery Editions scheme, Print Sales is launching an exclusive special limited edition print from the series Talking to Ants priced at £400 + VAT. Additional prints from series presented in the exhibition are available from £750 + VAT.