Sybarite Nights

Free the Fiver

Leyden Gallery is delighted to invite you to our Monthly Music Happening, a spectacular evening of music & performance like never seen in a gallery before. The admission for this fabulous event is "£5" Create your own fiver - Before arriving at the venue - and use it to pay at the door OR pay up with a real one. Simply free the fiver and free your imagination with it. 

Art Performance previously on at Leyden Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 11 March 2016 to Friday 11 March 2016

Sybarite Nights
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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 08 March 2016.
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This special event coincides with our current group exhibition Works on Paper. The perfect show to find your inspiration and create your fiver. Those involved in this exhibition range from the internationally renowned artist Christine Taylor Patten, whose practice of drawing spans over five decades, to several newly emerging artists, participants of our previous Platform for Emerging Arts shows along with Leyden Gallery artists Hilary Ellis and James Melloy. 

Musicians and performers for this popular evening of entertainment will feature some very special guests along with a line-up of some of our brilliant regular performers,
Lindsay Moran  is the compere beyond compare who will be introducing the line up.

Michael Myers   the legendary resident king of crooners.

Dr. Martin  our local music hall turn. Regular as clockwork.

Greg Williams  solo artist, talented poet singer/songwriter formerly of The Eclipse & Chango Mutney.
Special Guests

Fran Isherwood   Performance poet with a comedic bent who takes you on a wry word-playful gallop through the vagaries of life. A seasoned performer having trodden the boards as stand up/ fall down comic,improviser, actor & singer. 

The Yetzer Hara Box  The yetzer hara box roughly translates as ‘evil temptation machine’, a fitting moniker for this group that deal in the dark side of modern life; blending the honest, observant and at times surreal poems of Antonio Al Faro Sanchez with hypnotic, modal guitar and shrutibox sounds, punctuated with pulsing percussion and embellished with free jazz influenced sax runs.
A superb selection of fine wines will be available in our lovely new ArtBar. As always it will be a truly unique celebration of music, performance, and community spirit.
Booking is recommended. Please RSVP to