A DIRTY BUSINESS: Devine, Styan and Tilley

A Dirty Business is a collaborative exhibition by local artists Andy Devine, Andrew Styan and Peter Tilley. Andy Devine and Peter Tilley have a particularly long history of working together with a focus on their conceptual similarities expressed through their individual art practices.

Art Exhibition previously on at Newcastle Art Gallery in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 20 February 2016 to Sunday 15 May 2016

A DIRTY BUSINESS: Devine, Styan and Tilley image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 30 March 2016.
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The results are three dimensional collages, assembled from paintings, printing plates and objects either found or made. These objects and images have an apparent simplicity, however scratch the surface and they are richly symbolic and capable of multiple interpretations. Digital installation artist Andrew Styan streams live media to visualise the movements of coal ships in Newcastle harbour exploring the danger of coal in a mediated world. With images set in local and industrial landscapes, combined with personal and political narratives, this exhibition is both entrenched and excavated from, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.