'Under Nightshade'

Kat Macleod

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Under Nightshade by Kat Macleod – a collection of new works on linen. Featuring Kat Macleod.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 18 November 2015 to Saturday 12 December 2015
Launch Wednesday 18 November 2015, 6-9pm

Sleep Piece 1 image

Published by Lamington Drive on Wednesday 06 April 2016.
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Under Nightshade is an exploration into deep sleep and the botanical world. As unpredictable and ominous as the flowering Nightshade plant, sleep can be precious, nourishing and regenerative, whilst at other times broken, nightmarish and deadly.

Plants and flowers provided Macleod with eternally inspiring shapes and forms to draw and paint. The result is a collection of sometimes vibrant, sometimes melancholic, botanic pieces. Hidden sleeping figures, absorbed in the surrounding plants, explore the enchanting world of slumber. Embroidered threads start and stop without reason and compositions emulate nonsensical dream fragments.

The female form is a subject I am familiar with and often draw, experimenting with line drawings of limbs, pose and shape. Eyes opened, eyes closed. Awake and asleep. I was inspired by the botanical world as a means of expressing how sleep can be beautiful, calm, quiet, picturesque, unreal, unusual, unpredictable, weird, dark, wild and elusive.

Each one-off piece is a digital collage printed onto 100% linen, stretched and then further customised with paint, embroidery and beading. Linen, the soft tactile fabric we use for our blankets and bedding, was the perfect canvas. To extend the theme further, Macleod has created a set of pillow cases covered in dreamy botanic-inspired illustrations, printed and produced locally featuring embroidered elements, available in a limited edition of 50.