International Sculpture Day at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

Explore the beautiful expansive sculpture park set over 16 hectares with 100 permanent outdoor sculptures, representing the best Australian sculptors. There are works that scale the monumental to the diminutive; to figurative and abstract – an extraordinary collection ready to be discovered within a diverse setting of ti-tree forests, bracken paths, heathlands and landscaped gardens and lakes.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 24 April 2016 to Sunday 19 June 2016

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Artists David Jensz and Jacqui Stockdale will lead workshops and talks; there will free guided tours, music, refreshments and much more for the whole family.

McClelland will also be celebrating three new exhibitions: the McClelland Collection; David Jensz: Sculpture; and Jacqui Stockdale Drawing the Labyrinth, open to the public from Sunday 20 March 2016.

The McClelland Collection will feature 18 key contemporary works from its permanent collection.

Featured artists include: Rick Amor, Stephen Bush, Paul Davies, Jennifer Goodman, Richard Giblett, Cherry Hood, Robert Jacks, Rosemary Laing, Ron Mueck, Jan Nelson, Jim Paterson, Patricia Piccinini, Alex Seton, Kate Spencer, Colin Suggett, Simon Terrill and Stephen Wickham.

David Jensz is one of Australia’s most prominent public sculptors. In this exhibition, David Jensz: Sculpture he brings together six sculptures and two digital prints. He uses common ready-made materials in profound and inventive ways – industrial plastic pipes, inflatable rubber tyre tubes to 44 gallon drums; he manipulates and weaves these materials in ways that defy their original purpose.

Jensz is interested in the laws of nature and physics to explore the interconnecting nature of energy, matter and life in the world.

Jacqui Stockdale Drawing the Labyrinth is more than one hundred metres of drawings presented in a fold-out concertina sketchbook set out on tables and configured in the form of a labyrinth.

This continuous length of drawings reflects the artists’ intimate journey over a twelve month period; variously depicting moments spent travelling across Europe, incorporating a diverse array of portraits – friends, family, self-portraits, anonymous people on trains, teenagers in their classrooms, musicians, and others.

Stockdale’s labyrinth evokes the unfolding, serendipitous nature of experience and the ways that we share and comprehend existence as a series of intersecting observations and evolving narratives.