Andy Devine & Peter Tilley - Black Harvest

The pairing of Andy Devine and Peter Tilley for the exhibition Black Harvest came about as a result of the conceptual similarities in their separate mediums, the complementary nature of the two bodies of work and a mutual respect for each others’ art making practice.

Art Exhibition previously on at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 23 April 2016 to Sunday 05 June 2016

Andy Devine & Peter Tilley - Black Harvest image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 13 April 2016.
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Black Harvest presents both individual artworks in Devine and Tilley’s chosen mediums along with a series of collaborative artworks. There are multiple references to the Hunter Valley, with images of the local landscape, industrial and otherwise, narratives of personal history and political concerns. The practice of both artists carries oblique references to sustainability and environmental degradation. This amounts to a contemporary dichotomy reflecting on the region’s history, nostalgic memory and possible future.

IMAGE: Andy Devine and Peter Tilley, Response #10 2013 (detail), acrylic on canvas on board, carved timber, model train wagon, lead, painted timber; Image used courtesy of the artists.