Sitelines Natasha Johns- Messenger

Natasha Johns-Messenger’s work is a complex process of imitation, illusion and trickery activated by architectural interventions and optical physics, extended also to photography, digital painting and sculpture.

Art Exhibition previously on at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 25 June 2016 to Sunday 25 September 2016

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 21 April 2016.
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In this site-specific exhibition she explores the interaction of space, light and volume, dissolving the relationship between the viewer and the work of art into a renewed shared space. It comprises a number of architectural interventions, including a large walk-through ‘hall of mirrors’ as well as a series of site-photographs and a site-film.

Using a complex system of optical physics—comprising devices such as periscopic mirrors, live-video projections, architectural mimicry, and site-determined photography—Johns Messenger sets up disorienting pictorial planes in real space. Participant-viewers do not always know what is real and what is virtual in their immediate space or view. As art critic Robert Nelson wrote, in such spaces we may ‘experience picture-spaces of an imponderable nature, unfathomable and eerie’.