Shapeshifters 3D Printing the Future

What if 3D printing gave you the ability to design your own life? With clothes being printed from desktop computers and organs being manufactured in labs, this rapidly evolving technology continues to revolutionise design as we know it.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 05 May 2016 to Wednesday 20 July 2016

Shapeshifters 3D Printing the Future image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 21 April 2016.
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In collaboration with Western Plains Cultural Centre, the Australian Design Centre launches Shapeshifters: 3D Printing the Future as a playful exploration of 3D printing. It’s all about imagination, innovation and new methods of making, drawing on the high-tech and rapidly evolving world of 3D printing and fluid extrusion methodology.

3D printing is also built on sharing. Open source software and shared maker spaces mean anyone can try their hand at creating. During the industrial revolution, the machine was used to standardise everything. Now mass production is replaced by mass customization.

The designers and makers in the exhibition all begin with a real world idea. That idea is translated into a digital something – a piece of code, a CAD model or perhaps a verse of music – before being transformed into the final physical form. By experimenting with digital fabrication technologies, the designers build on their traditional modes of making to create something entirely new.

Featuring Louis Pratt, Michael Eden, Lousje Skala, Ryan Pennings, Dr David Ackland, Lukasz Karluk, and XYZ Workshop (Kae Woei Lim & Elena Low).