Open Call: POWER

For nearly twenty years, Eyebeam has been a place to think about how technology can shift the structure of power. As new models of computation mix with older forms of governance, the shape of Power,not only as control, but as influence over desires, tempos and perceptions is transforming.

Art Opportunity previously on at Eyebeam in New York, United States.
From Thursday 07 April 2016 to Sunday 15 May 2016

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 27 April 2016.
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This year, Eyebeam will offer five residencies to foster the research, analysis, and production of Power and its distribution.

Eyebeam strongly encourages those working within the following areas of inquiry to apply:

Networks and Surfaces — Power is distributed but unevenly so. By what means can we map and access it? We see these disciplines as key to understanding: system design, network analysis, social practice, community organizing, and communications.

Economies and Currencies — Power allocates resources. How can we think critically about constructing alternative and informal economies? Key areas of exploration include: cooperative ownership, cryptocurrencies, basic income, startup culture, and public finance.

Intelligence and Bodies — Power influences what is thought. How can we design new forms of thought that take into consideration emerging relations between artificial intelligence, biological life, and political consciousness

Fictions and Realities — Power decides what is real. How can we leverage virtual realities, speculative fictions, performativities, and invented codes to imagine other futures?

Eyebeam continues to ignite inventive approaches that span technologies, ideas, and practices. Your work can span any or all of these areas.

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