Mackenzie Thorpe Exhibition

TVH Gallery launches new Mackenzie Thorpe exhibition

Mackenzie Thorpe, an internationally acclaimed artist born in England’s industrial north, is renowned for the imaginary playground his work creates & for embracing the child within us all. To celebrate the launch of his exhibition, Mackenzie has created 12 brand new pieces specifically for an Australian audience.

Art Exhibition previously on at Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 10 October 2008 to Sunday 26 October 2008
Launch Friday 10 October 2008, 7pm

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 16 September 2008.
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In 2007, Mackenzie Thorpe was invited to Australia to work alongside the Kintore Aboriginal Elders – a group of Indigenous artists from the Western Desert in the NT.

To be extended this incredibly rare invitation is an extraordinary privilege.

Mackenzie is now returning to Australia in October with a collection of twelve paintings he created to honour the time he spent working with these Indigenous artists.

Mackenzie’s art is captivating and the messages are inspiring. His work speaks of love, fear, courage, loneliness and above all – hope.

Mackenzie’s body of works include oil paintings, silk screens, bronze and resin sculptures. There are enormous contrasts within his work – from his celebrated square sheep and love of children and animals to his exploration of the struggles of man.

Mackenzie Thorpe’s exhibition opens on Friday 10 October at the Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery (515 Sydney Road, Seaforth). The exhibition closes on Sunday 26 October.


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