Sculpture & Collage by Max Dingle

Fetish celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Dada art movement and is a fun, let your hair down and maybe be a little bit rude, foray into exploring what makes life interesting.

Art Exhibition previously on in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 04 June 2016 to Saturday 25 June 2016
Launch Saturday 04 June 2016, 1230pm

Fetish 18 appetite for love  image Fetish 41 Balls - Petit Four image Fetish 47 Its in the can  image Fetish 4 Sunday afternoon image

Published by Avatar69 on Friday 13 May 2016.
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Fetish / n. Commonly an inanimate object regarded with awe, being the embodiment of a potent spirit or having magical potency.

Artist Max Dingle has decided that the artistic life should not always be serious and has put on a “shaman” mask and created this exhibition of ceramic, collage, appropriation and mixed media art works to celebrate the start of winter and provide our citizens with the opportunity to acquire some assistance for the coming season of indoor activities via these awe inspiring inanimate objects.


Shoalhaven City Arts Centre
12 Berry Street
Nowra NSW 2541