Awake In The Black Forest

Elin Eriksen & Miles Brown

Open Artist Studio, 1st Floor for drinks and artists discussion.

Art Exhibition previously on at Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed) in Australia.
From Saturday 20 September 2008 to Saturday 20 September 2008
Launch Saturday 20 September 2008, 4 pm

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Published by Guildford Lane Gallery on Thursday 18 September 2008.
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During their residency in the Open Artist Studio, Elin Eriksen and Miles Brown will work together to create a rich, experiential and immersive installation.

“The idea came from meeting a flat and seemingly endless cityscape such as Melbourne and wanting to create a tactile and animated installation that alludes to the experience of nature either as sheltering and concealing or unfamiliar and to be avoided, with the viewer having the choice of entering and engaging or keeping their distance.” Elin Eriksen

“We’re both artists from who work in fabric and sound installation, but come from opposite sides of the world (Tasmania, Norway). Both of our home towns are places where the wilderness is close at hand. We are creating the imaginary forest we can’t find in the city, from industrial materials / castoffs, and found sounds – exploring a psychological space that is at once comforting and unsettling…familiar yet best kept at a distance from. Also we like black things. And forests.” Miles Brown