Fiona Hooton: Site Seeing

The works in Site Seeing are models assembled from found, toy-building blocks and sampled fragments of film. They are constructed impressions of cities, their nightly romantic spectacle and their mortgage belts and housing bubbles.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 03 June 2016 to Saturday 18 June 2016
Launch Friday 03 June 2016, 6-8pm

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Published by AirSpace Projects on Thursday 19 May 2016.
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Architecture it is said, ‘is the most political of all the art forms’. I live in a model city, Canberra. A city synonymous with architecture and politics, Canberra is frequently described as lacking a heart and soul.

I am fascinated by the shared metaphors of bodies and cities, their bypasses and arterial roads. You can trace these metaphors back to William Harvey’s dangerous discovery in 1628, that it is the heart, which functions to circulate the blood and not the soul. Interestingly, Christopher Wren, the famous English architect did many of the drawings for Harvey’s publication De Motu Cordis, Concerning the Motion of the Heart and Blood.

If you peel back the skin of the city the structure of the grid is revealed. The grid has fleshed out human achievement through time and space from the brick to the tablet, longitude to the World Wide Web and typeface to cloud space.

By 2050, 75% of the world’s population will be living in cities. As Paolo Baratta, President of la Biennale Architettura di Venezia 2016 describes, ‘much of this immense swathe of human habitation no human could be proud of’.

But cities exist as a function of the circulation of people and the circuitry of information. Probing the question, can we create a model of the city in which we as dwellers can influence its values as well as its forms?

Fiona Hooton’s exhibition coincides with her one-month residency at the Inner West Council’s Thirning Villa in Ashfield, Sydney, where she has organised a number of community-based activities:

Ashfield Stories of Place (digital project)
Stories about place not only enhance local community belonging but also give outsiders insights into the values and connections within the local community. Stories put us in touch with others, our surroundings and with ourselves.

Fiona is seeking volunteers to assist with telling digital stories about Ashfield, people, places and events. If you are interested email:

Ashfield Lightning Talks
7.15pm, Wednesday 15 June
Thirning Villa, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield

Come along to hear speakers, channel stories (5 mins each) about spirited people, places and events linked to Ashfield’s past and present.

Held in association with Ashfield locals and community groups.

Suitable for all ages

Free, bookings recommended

Shapeshifting – Sculpture Workshop
10−12.30am, Sunday 12 June
Thirning Villa, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield

Explore what’s extraordinary about the spaces and places you live, in this hands on workshop. Re-shape your neighbourhood by tearing up past and present maps and combining them with your imagination. Investigate ideas of what a ‘model’ city might be and build your own version using recycled materials.
Suitable for ages eight and up.
Free, booking recommended