Op Art

- curated group exhibition

This exhibition will cause flat lines to seemingly buckle, stationary colours to bleed and intersect, concavity to be created within even surfaces, afterimages to appear and motion to arise from stillness. Patterns will vibrate, concentric circles will quiver and depth will be deceptive.

Art Benefit previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 11 June 2016 to Thursday 07 July 2016

Lezlie Tilley, 'Cad Yellow/Cobalt Blue' 2010 image Lee Bethel, 'Ode to Bridget II' 2016 image

Published by MAY SPACE on Monday 30 May 2016.
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Op Art has appeared throughout many art historical movements, including Cubism, Constructivism and Dadaism. It is a genre that explores the varying illusionary optical effects that can be influenced by manipulating geometrical shapes and repeating colours. Perception differs from reality, revealing flaws within the human retina’s ability to always see things as they are. Contemporary artists continue to be fascinated by this genre, incorporating scientific and mathematical principles, formations found in nature, colour-theory, inspiration from technological advancements, as well as new media equipment, to further explore this area of ocular inquiry.


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