Audio Description Workshop: Anwar Shemza

Using a range of tactile drawing and printing techniques the session explores the themes used by Anwar Shemza in BP Spotlight: Anwar Shemza, from his use of calligraphy and architecture, to his interest in the relationship between texture and form.

Art Workshop previously on at Tate Britain in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Monday 20 June 2016 to Monday 20 June 2016

Audio Description Workshop: Anwar Shemza image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 01 June 2016.
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Gain a deeper understanding of Anwar Shemza’s work and process

This practical session for blind and partially sighted participants is open to all abilities; materials and refreshments provided. Up to one sighted companion per participant. Guide dogs are welcome.

The session will be led in conjunction with arts practitioner Kathryn Jones Romain, who has many years experience of working in the community and in particular of engaging those with sight loss in creative projects.