Helen Marten

Serpentine Galleries presents the work of London-based artist Helen Marten (b. 1985) who combines disparate imagery and materials to create eclectic, large scale works.

Art Exhibition previously on at Serpentine Galleries in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Thursday 29 September 2016 to Sunday 20 November 2016

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 07 June 2016.
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These works often serve as repositories for elaborate sculptural tableaux whose assembled detritus (wood, clay, steel, fabric) create a string of hieroglyphs or a kind of archaeological anagram. Her output includes sculpture, videos, text, and screen-printed paintings.

Marten’s work is also underscored by an interest in the point at which diagrammatic clarity – a recognisable model or paradigm – breaks down, as though wilted through a process of collaged abstraction. Her installations utilise the discrepancies between language and image, focusing on the stylised outings of error, misalignment or perversion. Using the outlines of recognisable objects as shorthand emblems for social activity or exchange, her artistic practice explores the notion and history of human relationships to the readymade. Marten’s exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery will include new work, showcasing installations never before presented in London.