Celebrate Contemporary Pacific Art and Community Day

Join us in a celebration of Melbourne’s vibrant Pacific community, contemporary culture and art. Enjoy a free day of events on the opening of three new Pacific art exhibitions, including talks with community leaders and artists. Join in a drop-by bilum weaving workshop in the Great Hall and experience unique choral and dance performances in the Gallery.

Art Special event previously on at NGV International in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 11 June 2016 to Saturday 11 June 2016

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Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Tuesday 07 June 2016.
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Opening with a Welcome to Country, members of the Samoan Community of Melbourne will follow with a Pacific Welcome and Kava Ceremony. The Pasefika Vitoria Choir, a group formed specifically for this event will close the Welcome, marking the start of the day and associated performances, talks and workshop programming, providing a glimpse into the ongoing relevance and significance of performance, history and art across the Pacific.

As part of Contemporary Pacific Art and Community Day, hear talks and conversations led by international and local artists and curators.

Lei-makers In Conversation
Leis are a symbol of welcome in many Pacific Island nations. See the works now on display in Art of The Pacific, and hear from visiting international lei makers Chris Charteris, Sulieti Fiume’a Burrows, Tui Emma Gillies and Mary Ama in conversation with NGV Curator Simone LeAmon.

Greg Semu Artist Talk
Born in New Zealand of Samoan heritage, the concepts of culture and community have left a profound imprint on Semu’s creative expression. He reimagines historical works through photography, displacing them from their original context in what he says is a ‘protest’. Hear from the artist as he shares insights into his exhibition Greg Semu: The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika (People of the Pacific)

Lisa Reihana Artist Talk
Discover more about Lisa Reihana’s two-channel, live-action video work in Pursuit of Venus, a work that re-stages and reclaims the French neo-classical panoramic wallpaper, Les Sauvages de la mer Pacifique.

As part of Contemporary Pacific Art and Community Day, celebrate Melbourne’s vibrant Pacific community coming together with performances by Pacific artists and community members.

Pasefika Vitoria Choir
Hear the harmonies of the Pasefika Vitoria Choir, a community choir formed especially for the Contemporary Pacific Art and Community Day.

Ruha Fifita Artist Performance
Experience a live performance by exhibiting artist Ruha Fifita. Ruha will perform a song by Tevaka called Uluhina which celebrates the gathering of peoples as the connecting of the long lines of ancestry that each individual represents. Following this performance hear from Ruha Fifita and fellow artist Robin White. The pair worked collaboratively with women of the Haveluloto village, Tongatapu, to create Siu i Moana: Reaching Across the Ocean, a monumental ngatu exhibition of painted barkcloth.

Melbourne Kiribati Group Inc.
Experience a Kiribati dance, a dance style unique to the island nation, in a group performance by Melbourne Kiribati Group Inc.

Make your own bilum necklace or bracelet in a drop-by bilum weaving workshop with Papua New Guinean artist and elder, Vicki Kinai.