From Nothing Comes Everything

by Ellen Taylor

Ellen Taylor’s current body of work is a marriage between her love of drawing and her studies in sculpture and spatial practice. Pairing these disciplines has resulted in two-dimensional drawings that express and celebrate form and space.

Art Exhibition previously on at fortyfivedownstairs in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 21 June 2016 to Saturday 02 July 2016

From Nothing Comes Everything image From Nothing Comes Everything image

Published by Fortyfivedownstairs on Thursday 09 June 2016.
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The creation of her work is an obsessive and largely intuitive process.

Formed through an intensive method of cross- hatching and colouring, her drawings repeatedly result in large-scale black masses.

Informed by natural formations ranging from clouds to giant rock structures, these sculptural drawings appear light and heavy, soft and solid.

The rock motif, consistently reincarnated throughout these works, is a nod to the creative process, visually referencing blocks of stone or clay, whilst echoing the obsessive nature of making. In this way, these forms celebrate the artist as creator and the birthplace of ideas.