Bowerhouse Blues

Mary Newsome

Something old, something new, something borrowed and everything blue. 'What is blue? Blue is the invisible becoming visible. Blue has no dimensions. It is beyond the dimensions of which other colours partake.' Yves Klein. 'What bliss there is in blueness. I never knew how blue blueness could be.' Vladimir Nabokov

Art Exhibition previously on at Gallery 101 (now closed) in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 03 February 2009 to Saturday 21 February 2009

Bowerbird Box image

Published by Gallery 101 on Tuesday 30 September 2008.
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‘This exhibition consists of separate collections to do with blue, centering on the Bowerhouse with its beckoning blue light and blue neon sign. The ideas for it came from several different directions, but centrally from the satin bowerbird’s display of objects in its courting ritual, objects that are blue and preferably shiny like the male satin bowerbird’s plumage.’ Mary Newsome

Newsome is an artist glaneuse – an insatiable collector of assorted ephemera. In previous exhibitions her diaristic enquiries have focused on the French patisserie, Australian creeks and rivers, hotel room vistas and slipper-wearing through image and text. Her explorations and documentations – of traditional forms of delectable cake and paper packaging, journeys, itineraries and maps, alphabet forms and bird songs – vividly reflect inherited cultural codes and personal understandings. Newsome’s work for this exhibition incorporates screenprinting, painting in acrylic and oil, digital prints, etching, constructions, artist books and reverse glass tinsel painting to create a playful, theatrical display in the ‘bowerhouse’ of the gallery space. Inspired by the notion of blue and shiny, works ‘gleaned’ from the archive of Newsome’s own practice, are presented alongside a bricolage of new work.


Ground Level, 101 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

TUESFRI 10am – 5pm
SAT 12-4pm