Bluethumb Presents – Icons Uncovered

No Vacancy Gallery - QV Building, Melbourne

Bluethumb art-uncovered presents ‘Icons Uncovered’ an exhibition where emerging Australian artists will showcase the aesthetics of everyday life and a celebration of ICONS.

Art Exhibition previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 09 July 2016 to Sunday 10 July 2016
Launch Saturday 09 July 2016, 1800h

Peril image Unpopular Penguin 53 image KimPie image

Published by No Vacancy on Sunday 26 June 2016.
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Icons play a key role in the aesthetics of everyday life. Embedded within each is a myriad of memories and meaning, different to each viewer, but safe, nostalgic and familiar to all. The diverse artistic practice in this showcase has a range of cultural references including fashion, politics, entertainment, literature and our relationship with natural and urban environments. These thematic undercurrents are at times amusing and always provocative, challenging the current state of affairs by forcing us to reconsider our positions.

Highly sought after Sydney artist Ben Tankard will be showcasing his Unpopular Penguin series for the first time in Melbourne. Former director of the Art Gallery of NSW, Edmund Capon, speaking at the Blacktown City Art Prize opening, described the first painting in this series as “an evocative imagining of the familiar Penguin Paperback … a painting we all liked very much for its rich texture, its sense of memory and its sort of nostalgic humour.” Ben was also a finalist in this year’s Gallipoli Art Prize with Unpopular Penguin 46. These are sure to sell fast.

Another highlight is Ying Huang, a Chinese Manchurian-born Australian artist whose work crosses formats and media. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia and in Hong Kong and Scotland. Ying Huang “invented” a political art movement that she has termed Polipanda, or Political Pop Propaganda Art. Polipanda, a hybrid practice combining political propaganda art and Pop art, explores how history is manipulated through mass media images and challenges notions of authenticity and originality.

Bluethumb’s curator, Janni Fewster, chose works that make you think twice. “People take the naked body, politicians, or even the brands they wear so seriously,” she explains. “The art I chose for this exhibition shines humour, absurdness and wonder on the things we take for granted.”


No Vacancy Gallery
34-40 Jane Bell Lane, QV Building, Melbourne, VIC 3000