Darren Munce & Unsettled Bodies, Rebecca Agnew, Cameron Gill, Siri Hayes, Grant Nimmo

July exhibitions at Stockroom

July at Stockroom presents for the first time the rich painterly language of Melbourne based artist Darren Munce in his major solo exhibition Gardening at Night. In gallery 2, Unsettled Bodies charts the forever shifting relationship between the landscape and the figure as investigated by contemporary Australian artists through painting, photography and video curated by Jessica Bridgfoot.

Art Exhibition previously on at Stockroom Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 09 July 2016 to Sunday 07 August 2016
Launch Saturday 09 July 2016, 4.30

Darren Munce, Gardening at Night image Unsettled Bodies image

Published by anonymous on Saturday 02 July 2016.
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