Hound in the Hunt

“This exhibition scares me. It's science being conducted as live art and vice versa. Whatever happens will be beyond my control, David Walsh's control, and the control of these artists.” - Tim Jenison

Art Benefit previously on at Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Tasmania, Australia.
From Thursday 02 February 2017 to Thursday 02 March 2017

Hound in the Hunt image

Published by Museum of Old and New Art on Monday 04 July 2016.
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American inventor and entrepreneur Tim Jenison conducted an experiment to discover how 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer achieved such photographic realism in his paintings.

He created an optical aid that allowed him to paint photo-realistically. He suggested that centuries ago a handful of painters secretly used this process, and concluded that perhaps a few of the great masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age were created in this way. During Hound in the Hunt at Mona, several accomplished painters will experiment using optical machines to recreate paintings by Johannes Vermeer, Caravaggio and Willem Heda from live models and life-sized scenery right on the museum floor.