Antonia Sellbach Open Fields

Antonia Sellbach’s practice is focused on language—its ambiguities as well as its logic. Painting’s linguistic potential is tested in her ongoing series of large abstract canvases and painted timber arrangements.

Art Exhibition previously on at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 17 September 2016 to Sunday 26 February 2017

Antonia Sellbach  Open Fields image Antonia Sellbach  Open Fields image Antonia Sellbach  Open Fields image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 20 July 2016.
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She conceives of these works as modular components, made to be configured and reconfigured in response to the installation setting, much like the pieces of a puzzle or game.

When brought together in sets and wall-sized tessellations, Sellbach’s simple geometric compositions begin to read as an infinitely variable vocabulary. Comparisons within a group of paintings or between the artist’s two- and three-dimensional forms build connections and dialogue, activating the processes which make meaning.