'Hiraeth' • Collaborative works by Stephanie Rampton and Danielle Creenaune

Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, Melbourne

In Hiraeth, a new collaborative series on display at Port Jackson Press, printmakers Stephanie Jane Rampton and Danielle Creenaune reflect on their shared experience of relocation.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Friday 15 July 2016 to Thursday 04 August 2016

Hiraeth image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 21 July 2016.
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The artists came across each other’s work in 2013. Despite obvious differences – Stephanie’s etchings being heavily detailed compared to the abstracted works that Danielle produces – they immediately recognised parallels between their landscape-influenced works on paper.

They also recognised that their lives mirror a much deeper connection of relocation. Both have lived abroad in various places – Danielle, originally from Australia, is now settled in Barcelona, and Stephanie, originally from England, lives in Melbourne.

Hiraeth (a Welsh word) does not translate easily to English. It describes a deep longing and nostalgia for home, a home that may not even exist; a yearning of spirit and imagination, though not necessarily a desire to return.

Through the prints in this show, each artist has explored their emotional relationship with their two homes.

[excerpt from an interview by Kate Ellis on the Imprint blog Print Council of Australia http://imprint.org.au/member-profiles/on-hiraeth/ ]


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