Riceboy Sleeps

Jon Thor Birgisson/Alex Somers

The wind snuck into the cracks of our sleeves, and played songs in our ears. Presented as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Australia.
From Friday 12 October 2007 to Saturday 10 November 2007

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 19 September 2007.
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Riceboy Sleeps gathers drawings, paintings and photographs together with lyrical images that are installed in old and reclaimed window frames. The works are peopled with dreamlike figures and are accompanied by a soundtrack that shares the haunting atmosphere of these somnambulant characters. Riceboy Sleeps is a collaboration between Jon Thor Birgisson and Alex Somers. The pair have worked together creating distinctive art and music for four years and have just released their first picture book, a beautifully produced work that took eighteen months to create. During the Festival Birgisson will also perform with Sigur Rós in collaboration with Merce Cunningham in Split Sides part of Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s Program B.