John Wolseley, Mallee - Maquis - Desert - Rainforest

John Wolseley is one of Australia's most noted and distinctive landscape artists. Through his images he conveys both information and feeling about the natural world. Wolseley develops artworks that show a deeply felt, layered, and often visceral association with the land.

Art Exhibition previously on at Hamilton Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 15 July 2016 to Sunday 16 October 2016

Papilionaceae species with paint brush Grampians Ranges image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 04 August 2016.
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Wolseley uses watercolour, collage, frottage and nature printing to find ways of responding to the natural environment.

He works with local pigments, pollens and charcoal to allow nature to partially depict itself. Likewise he incorporates found fragments – pieces of bark, lichen, leaves, feathers and insects – into the fabric of his work. Through this way of working the artist challenges traditional approaches to the depiction of landscape.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Sir Roderick Carnegie in memory of his late wife, Carmen ~ Lady Carnegie.