Francesca Mataraga

stripes and banners

Francesca Mataraga presents documentation and artefacts from a series of site-specific, painting and sculpture projects from 2012 to 2016.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 02 September 2016 to Saturday 17 September 2016

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Published by AirSpace Projects on Tuesday 16 August 2016.
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​’​stripes and banners​’​ ​presents​ documentation and artefacts from a series of painting and sculpture projects ​from 2012 ​onward​.​ ​
T​hese works differ in scale, scope and delivery quite broadly but are all based on a set of stripe motifs​ ​sourced from a series of fabric patterns. ​Each work was created for or adapted to a specific site or location​ and explores different ways of using the stripe motif. Some works are large-scale site specific paintings or murals, others works are sculptural using domestic architecture – specifically the fence as a visual and physical mode of delivery. Further works have evolved into large scale banners, literally becoming spatial paintings. All the works function as expanded or spatial paintings, situating the stripe motif in the landscape or in relation to existing architecture where the work in-situ is just as important as it’s photographic image​.​