Tricking the eye – contemporary trompe l’oeil

Drawing on the centuries old tradition of trompe l’oeil painting (or trick of the eye), this exhibition brings together works that are intentionally illusionistic, play with perspective or are something other than what they first appear to be.

Art Exhibition previously on at Geelong Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 26 November 2016 to Sunday 12 February 2017

Tricking the eye – contemporary trompe l’oeil image

Published by Geelong Gallery on Monday 22 August 2016.
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Includes works by Colleen Ahern and Tully Moore, Chris Bond, Stephen Bowers, Georgina Cue, Jan Murray, John R Neeson, Ricky Swallow, and Anne Zahalka, among others.

A Geelong Gallery exhibition