Don't Show Me Your Poetry

Octopus 7

Octopus 7

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Australia.
From Friday 03 August 2007 to Saturday 01 September 2007

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 19 September 2007.
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Alin Huma (Tokyo), Amanda Maxwell, Geoff Newton, Josh Petherick, Paul Knight, isnotmagazine
Octopus 7: Don’t Show Me Your Poetry
Curated by Robert Cook

This year GCAS has commissioned Perth-based curator and writer Robert Cook to assemble the annual exhibition Octopus. Titled Don’t Show Me Your Poetry, Octopus 7 starts with the idea of “the bedroom as a conceptual space”. Cook’s exhibition posits the bedroom as a site of tetchy becoming, where “the administered public realm and the private zone of retarded dreams and endless rehearsals is forever negotiated.” Bringing together a selection of artists working with what Cook terms “a heightened form of personal style”, in a range of media, including publishing, sculpture, photography and drawing, Don’t Show Me Your Poetry articulates the unbearably awkward fissures between personal desire and public display. Robert Cook is Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Western Australia.