by Working Class Secret Services & No Vacancy Gallery

TALKSHOPS is a new platform for established creatives to share knowledge with students, industry colleagues and aspiring creatives in a non-exclusive and very welcoming environment.

Art Talk previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 13 September 2016 to Tuesday 13 September 2016
Launch Tuesday 13 September 2016, 6:00pm - 9:30pm

Published by No Vacancy on Tuesday 06 September 2016.
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To celebrate the growth and great feedback we have received, we invite new and past guest to join us for the official launch TALKSHOPS.

This time round, the nights format has been slightly altered as we have welcome local Melbourne artists Creature: Creature & Ruskid. Who will be creating pieces of work while our guest musicians, Silent Jay & Jace XL and Billy Davis grace our stage performing select pieces of work for our listening pleasure.

Come join us for a night of great music, art, conversation & ideas. we will have a Q&A with the musicians and artists touching upon their craft and how they are continuing to grow.

  • Speaker 1 / Silent Jay & Jace XL
  • Speaker 2 / Billy Davis
  • Speaker 3 / Creature: Creature
  • Speaker 4 / Ruskidd