Curated by Josephine Briginshaw and Adriane Hayward

Nicole Breedon, John Brooks, Eddy Carroll, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Emma Collard & Cherie Peele, Troy Emery, Melanie Irwin, Dell Stewart

Art Benefit previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 14 September 2016 to Saturday 01 October 2016
Launch Thursday 15 September 2016, 6-8pm

OFF GRID image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 14 September 2016.
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OFF GRID brings together works that push beyond the cloth grid – the warp and weft that defines the form of most textiles. OFF GRID examines the fracturing of this grid conceptually as well as challenging notions of materiality and the making process.

In response to the tradition of textiles in art and craft these artists re-contextualise this grid through various multidisciplinary approaches. Some artists embrace the use of traditional and handmade techniques with alternative contemporary materials, whilst others incorporate new technologies to create immersive environments. OFF GRID traverses works that consider textiles within space, using both sculpture and performance to free the cloth grid completely from the two-dimensional. Within OFF GRID the act of making and the act of moving are both present.