Olaf Breuning

As a master of the constructed scenario, Breuning draws liberally from advertising, movies, television and music videos in his cross disciplinary work. His videos, photographs and installations cultivate bizarre intersections of reality and fantasy in which pop culture’s interlocking clichés are amplified and exploded.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Australia.
From Friday 18 May 2007 to Saturday 16 June 2007

 Home image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 19 September 2007.
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This exhibition includes one of Breuning’s most well-known video works entitled ‘Home’, along with a selection of photographs. As with Breuning’s previous works, this exhibition dishes up a fantasy world of glam-trash quotations in an archive of alternative realities. His work appears equally enamoured with heavy metal and counter-culture, historical romance and serial killer splatter, as well as the courtly and the bogan. Breuning’s twisted use of these skewed stereotypes provokes irrestible, contrasting feelings of discomfort and fascination, repulsion and seduction, along with a heavy dose of embarrassment and intrigue.

This exhibition is a joint production between Australian Centre for Photography (Sydney) and Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane). It has received funding from Pro Helvetia and the Swiss Consulate in Australia.