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Famous When Dead gallery.

This exhibition will bring a collection of Sydney based artist and freelance illustrator Kareena Zerefos's recent illustrative work to the Famous When Dead gallery in Melbourne. Exploring themes of isolation and escapism, through the depiction of children and their imagination, Kareena's work is both unique and refreshing in its beautiful simplicity.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 13 November 2008 to Sunday 23 November 2008

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Published by anonymous on Monday 20 October 2008.
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Capturing young children in moments of endearing expression as they discover and explore imaginary worlds, Kareena’s drawings are populated by mysterious giants, playful pets and friendly forest creatures. Inspired by personal memories, dreams and childhood nostalgia, as well as family photo albums and rediscovered super-eight films, her work has a playful, often whimsical spirit.

Evoking a delicate balance between isolation and companionship, as well as yearning and delight in long lost moments of escape, Kareena’s artworks offer the viewer entry into a world of make believe. Like the moments of delight they portray, her artworks capture something which should be treasured.

Kareena’s work has gained acclaim in popular culture through inclusion in the prestigious annual ‘Curvy’ international art exhibition, the Semi-Permanent 2008 Kids Today international art exhibition and has been published in magazines such as Yen and Frankie.

♥ kareena: An exhibition of illustrative work by Kareena Zerefos, will run from the 13th-23rd November, 2008 at Famous When Dead gallery in Melbourne.


Famous When Dead gallery.
207 Victoria St,
West Melbourne.