Tech By Artists

The first in a series of bootcamps, “Tech By Artists” introduces artists and technologists to the Eyebeam way of developing smart projects with big heart and a far reach.

Art Workshop previously on at Eyebeam in New York, United States.
From Saturday 08 October 2016 to Saturday 08 October 2016

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 28 September 2016.
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Open to Research Residency finalists only
Includes light lunch and refreshments

This intensive daylong involves collaborative play, critical discussion, and targeted feedback. It is ideas-based, rather than tools-based. Participants will come out with better ideas and networks.

Bring an idea about how technology distributes power.

Session 1 11:00AM
“Networking session” | activity with Ingrid Burrington + Surya Mattu

Session 2 2:00AM
“Politics and art: doing both is doing neither” | discussion with Allison Burtch

Session 3 3:30PM
Pitches and crits | Kevin McCoy

Party 6:00-9:00PM
End by kicking back and enjoying some drinks with the whole Eyebeam community. RSVP for the intensive includes admission with drinks to the party.

Allison Burtch is in Speculative Hardware at UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, working on the future of drones in development and humanitarian response. She formerly taught “Critical Theory of Technology” at the School for Poetic Computation and created a jammer for mobile devices while an Eyebeam alum.

Surya Mattu is an artist and engineer working around perceptions of and access to the wireless spectrum. He’s at Pro Publica now looking at machine bias. And he’s been a resident at Bell Labs, ITP/NYU, and more.

Ingrid Burrington writes, makes maps, and tells jokes about places, politics, and the weird feelings people have about both. She’s an Eyebeam alum.

Kevin McCoy founded Monegraph, a blockchain platform for content monetization. Together with Jennifer McCoy, he also investigates the limits of filmmaking, memory and language. Both Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are both Eyebeam alums.