Virginia Overton: Winter Garden

Virginia Overton (b. 1971) creates exhibitions in response to the natural and manmade environments in which she works, often overlaying these sites with diverse references ranging from the history of modern art to her upbringing in rural Tennessee.

Art Exhibition previously on at Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, United States.
From Friday 28 October 2016 to Sunday 05 February 2017

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Published by anonymous on Friday 14 October 2016.
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Winter Garden expands upon her installation featured on the terrace last summer, which explored the concept of the sculpture garden through a system of windmills pumping air into ponds filled with thriving aquatic plants.

To reflect the change of season, Overton has reimagined the “sculpture garden” as a sonic rather than botanic environment. Her practice often involves the repurposing of materials, and the new installation takes elements from the summer’s and redefines each of their functions. Emptied of water, the overturned metal ponds become natural amplifiers for the sounds generated from the wind as it is pumped from the windmills through pneumatic tubing. By activating these materials, Overton creates zones of unusual aural experience throughout the outdoor site.

Virginia Overton: Winter Garden is organized by Scott Rothkopf, Deputy Director for Programs and Nancy and Steve Crown Family Chief Curator, and Laura Phipps, assistant curator.