Catherine Polcz: Herba morbus

AirSpace Projects: Deep Space

Catherine Polcz examines the field of plant intelligence to explore the mysterious nature of plants and our relationship to nature; science fact vs science fiction and museums as trusted places that disseminate knowledge.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in Australia.
From Friday 04 November 2016 to Saturday 19 November 2016
Launch Friday 04 November 2016, 6.00-8.00pm

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Published by AirSpace Projects on Thursday 27 October 2016.
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Herba morbus is a museum-style exhibition that explores the theme of plant intelligence. By displaying illustrations and artifacts from the field, Herba morbus examines the ways in which we try to understand plants; and asks a question that eternally mystifies:

What does a plant know?

Examining the question from a scientific, pseudoscientific, mythological and art perspective, Herba morbus traces the idea of plant intelligence from its Aristotelian roots to the present day.