Moreland Summer Show 2016

FACTIVISM: News, information and opinion are never far out of reach. We are saturated with headlines, images, slogans, sound bites and signs but often lack facts. Facts are powerful, yet they can be cherry-picked and spun. How are facts verified? How do we form our view? What banner should we flock to? What is the right cause? How do we put the truth to work?

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 11 November 2016 to Saturday 10 December 2016
Launch Thursday 10 November 2016, 6 - 8 pm


Event published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 29 October 2016.
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The Moreland Summer Show is an annual exhibition showcasing the diverse and creative talent
of visual artists with strong connections to the City of Moreland.

Tsvia Aran-Shapir | Denis Bainbridge | Monique Barnett | Margaret Bishop
Wendy Black | Heinz Boeck | Glenn Cannon | Claire Chatfield | Nina Cheles-McLean
Kevin Chin | Margaret Christianson | Cameron James Cope | Julian Di Martino
Nadia Faragaab | Sarah Field | Patrick Francis | Darin Frankpitt | Flora Georgiou
Paul Handley | Richard Harding | Amaya Iturri | Stephanie Karavasilis
Alister Karl | Carmel Louise | Priscilla Manthey | Sheena Mathieson
David McCall | Nadia Mercuri | Marina Perkovich | Jackie Ralph | Domas Rukas
Tamara Russell | Claire Sadler-Jones | Ben Sheppard | Lesley Steff | Fleur Summers
Frances Tapueluelu | Ben Taranto | Jean Taylor | the untitled collective | Liz Walker
Mark Wingrave | Caesar Sario | Georgia Trotter | Jo Waite | Jude Worters

Exhibition 11 November – 10 December
Official Opening 6 – 8 pm Thursday 10 November
Spoken Word Event 2 – 3.30 pm Saturday 26 November