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Allan’s Walk Artist Run Space is excited to present Flock, a collaborative exhibition by Ellen Coyle, Clare Fennessy and Carly Preston. Playing on the definition of the title, - Flock (noun) a number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or traveling together – the exhibiting artists are all locally based, emerging female artists, with a passion for craft.

Art Exhibition previously on at Allan's Walk Artist Run Space in Bendigo precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 24 October 2008 to Sunday 16 November 2008
Launch Friday 24 October 2008, Opening: 7PM, October 24 Artist’s Talk: ‘Bird Watching’ 6.30PM, October 24

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 22 October 2008.
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For their show at Allan’s Walk Artist Run Space, Coyle, Fennessy and Preston will present an ‘aviary’ of works encompassing print making, ceramics and textiles and inspired by the region’s natural environment and suburban bird life. Dollies, lap rugs and beer coasters are just some of the domestic items re-constructed by the artists in Flock.

The artists or ‘aves’ in Flock follow a long line of female artists throughout art history to blend collaborative working practices with media historically considered the domain of craft. Flock subverts the traditional museum/gallery system, and makes a comment on the feminine/feminist and art/craft divides.


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