Austin Lee Pretty Pictures

Postmasters Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition of Austin Lee in Los Angeles, presented by UTA Artist Space in collaboration with Postmasters Gallery and Carl Kostyal.

Art Exhibition previously on at Postmasters Gallery in New York, United States.
From Saturday 05 November 2016 to Saturday 10 December 2016

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 03 November 2016.
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Austin Lee’s Pretty Pictures is a perfect wink to Hollywood.
Lee’s generation can be called “digital natives,” – artists for whom that realm is natural, organic and matter of fact. He is a painter who effortlessly delivers pixel to paint transformation. Lee’s paintings are familiar, yet strange, otherworldly, yet grounded in sometimes tragicomical earthly realities. While they are figurative, there is a level of abstraction that takes the simplest and most recognizable of forms and disassociates them from representation. Lee often starts by making digital sketches on an iPad. He then loosely translates the compositions onto canvas using airbrush and fluorescent paint in response to the garishness and luminosity of the screen. By remaking the virtual into physical, the immersive textured surface and color of the paintings slow down the viewer’s perception of the more immediate screen images. Often based on real people, the figures depicted could be described as cartoons with a soul where a few quick gestures vividly convey the emotions of his subjects. Lee’s works range in their delivery of spatial progression from flat to perspectival to dimensional illusion, culminating in physical figurative sculpture (3D printed scans that are then textured and painted).