Seen and not seen

Dylan Martorell

Lamington Drive is pleased to present 'Seen and not seen' by Dylan Martorell. A special mid-exhibition event on Saturday 5th Nov will feature video screenings and live performances by Matthew Brown, Lichen Kelp and Judo Bronze.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 26 October 2016 to Saturday 19 November 2016
Launch Saturday 05 November 2016, 2-5pm

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Published by Lamington Drive on Friday 04 November 2016.
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‘Seen and not seen’ is a production studio for audio-visual collaborations between Dylan Martorell and various members of Melbourne’s music and video art scene. Collaborators include Spinach Triangle, Hessian Jailor, James Grant, Benjamin Hancock and Lichen Kelp as well as members of Ambulance, Judo Bronze and Amphibious Vehicle.

Handmade instruments, improvised choreography, robotics and DIY electronics will be combined with green screen video, various sculptural props and primitive special effects to create a series of music videos onsite with this impromptu collective of practitioners. The remnants of the music videos will make up an accumulative installation. Album cover artwork will adorn the walls and a number of screens will feed back the finished artworks as they’re produced.

The open studio format will allow the public to witness the often unseen creative act of music and video production in its various phases of creation.