Collecting Emily

Collector and curator in conversation

Collector Hank Ebes and curator JD Mittmann talk about the current exhibition of Emily Kame Kngwarreye - Masters of Aboriginal Contemporary Art, the art of collecting and the genius of the artist. Hear stories and anecdotes from Hank Ebes’ 25-year- long career and the gallerist’s fascination with one of Australia’s most successful contemporary artists.

Art Talk previously on at Burrinja Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 20 November 2016 to Sunday 20 November 2016

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Published by anonymous on Monday 14 November 2016.
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Credited with taking Aboriginal art to the contemporary art world ‘Emily’ is regarded as one of Australia’s most iconic and collectable artists. An Anmatyerre elder from Utopia, a small community 250 km for the northeast of Alice Springs in Central Australia and a keeper of the Alhalkere Women’s Dreaming stories, she was in in her 70’s when she began painting with acrylic paints on canvas.

The exhibition italic_Masters of Aboriginal Contemporary Art: Emily Kame Kngwarreye_italic is a survey exhibition that charts seven distinct periods of her careers as a painter. It provides an insight in her astounding artistic talent and strive for experimentation and improvisation.

‘Few artists have painted the country like she has, with an ability to penetrate its very soul’. -Margo Neale, curator of her 1998 retrospective exhibition.