The wandering line

thinking thorough drawing

This exhibition explores the unique ability of drawing to communicate an artist’s internal processes with the external world.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of South Australia in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Wednesday 06 August 2008 to Wednesday 12 November 2008

Event published by Art Gallery of South Australia on Thursday 23 October 2008.
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It does so through three distinctive modes: through the capacity of the drawn line to register and give form to psychological states, to mediate relationships to others through the gestures of the body, and as a method of conceptualising three-dimensional objects on a two dimensional plane. Many of these investigations are served by the most basic of tools – a drawing instrument and paper.

Works on display include drawings by Dušan and Voitre Marek, James Cant, and Ivor Francis, Ostoja-Kotkowski, performance films by Dennis Oppenheim from the 1970s and the drawings by Minimalist artists Donald Judd and Ulrich Rückriem.