Bronwyn Rees – Multiplate drypoint

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: All levels and experience.

TEACHER: Bronwyn Rees DATE: Sat 21 & Sat 28 January TIME: 10am – 5pm (hour lunch break) LOCATION: QG&W print studio COST: $360 PLACES: 6

Art Opportunity previously on at Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop (QG&W) in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 21 January 2017 to Saturday 28 January 2017

Bronwyn Rees – Multiplate drypoint image

Published by Soula Mantalvanos on Monday 05 December 2016.
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To explore the wonderful world of drypoint on plastic plate- discover an amazing range of mark making using a variety of tools (for instance tiny power tools) on a very responsive surface.

Week One
The workshop is in two parts so plates can be made and left to dry before printing.

This gives much more scope to apply different textures and materials to the plate before printing.

Instead of acetate, in this workshop participants will use plexiglass (acrylic) which is a much more resilient surface – more punishable with impunity. Participants will experiment using grit, glue, shellac, found objects and power tools on the surface until happy or as Bronwyn might state, ‘happy with its gnarly magnificence‘.

Weather permitting, participants will start the day with a stroll to gather materials and inspiration. Those inclined can also do a little plein air drawing directly onto the plate, keeping in mind that parts can be washed off and manipulated before starting the process of making indelible marks on the reverse side of the plate.

Elements and marks will be finalised on the plate and left to dry.

Week Two
Participants will explore the glorious freedom of colour printing.

Using techniques such as variable wiping and the selective application of colour, a la poupé (which returning participants would have tried in the previous workshops), the plates will begin to reveal their mysteries. Participants will explore further by applying and wiping ink on/off.

No previous experience is required.

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: All levels and experience.