Storm Machine

Matthew Bradley

Curated by Jeff Khan

Art Exhibition previously on at Gertrude Contemporary in Australia.
From Friday 22 June 2007 to Saturday 21 July 2007

Storm Machine image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 19 September 2007.
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Matthew Bradley presents a mythological version of the future in the form of a Monster Bike. This Meccano-styled, 1 to 1 scale model of a future superbike is part man/ part machine and illustrates a world that is dirty, petrol driven and roboticized.

But his large scale sculptures and video works do not simply represent a defeated and dehumanised vision of supermodern society. Presented alongside a suite of Bradley’s recent projects, Storm Machine invokes the strange beauty and unbound creativity inherent in the construction of seemingly destructive devices and objects.

A member of several bike clubs and a frequent inventor and modifier of bikes, machines and other brutally mechanical, yet finely-engineered contraptions, Bradley’s art practice reflects his deep engagement with the functional, social and aesthetic properties of the objects and subcultures in which he participates. Bradley describes these objects as “releasing themselves to an internal program which relentlessly carries out its mission without distraction, doubt or hesitation. I think of the monster bike as an omen, like a storm on the horizon, it’s coming and I can’t stop it, but I’m not sure I want to.”

Like harbingers of the future, these machines question who is in control and investigate the mechanics of power, whilst revealing the creative potential inherent in their construction, a process which eludes simple classifications such as ‘destructive’ or ‘violent’. As Bradley goes on to say “my work is an unveiling of violence in an attempt to slow it down, to learn how to manage the power, to store it up and then use it to take over everything and everyone."