Lectures for the End of the World by Fuck Theory

Take a deep breath.Learn to think differently.

Beginning this Sunday, Postmasters Gallery will present a series of new lectures by pseudonymous philosopher Fuck Theory. A timely set of meditations for an anxious time, Fuck Theory's "Lectures for the End of the World" aim to alleviate anxiety and replace the negating contradictions of contemporary 'theory' with an immanent, life-affirming ethics.

Art Talk previously on at Postmasters Gallery in New York, United States.
From Sunday 18 December 2016 to Sunday 18 December 2016

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 14 December 2016.
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The institutions and organs that claim to provide knowledge and havens for intellectual activity have largely failed us, reducing intellection and critique to an esoteric, guild-like activity and dividing both the minds and the resources that could productively unite to influence events and improve conditions not only for those who think and create professionally. Rightly, or, more often wrongly, the humanities and the arts are assumed to be bastions of liberal sensitivity, engaged in relentlessly circular pursuit of an opaque post-modern politics. We are largely unable to explain or justify what we do outside our inner circles; worse, we are largely unable to explain or justify what we do to ourselves.

The present is rife with anxiety and uncertainty. Everywhere the sense of foreboding and impossibility presses down on efforts to organize, to inform, and to think. What would a thinking look like that was driven not by insular, endless debates and arcane mechanisms of selection but by a genuine desire to remove anxiety, to affirm life, and to resist getting lost in a web of contradictions?

Beginning December 18th, Postmasters Gallery will host a lecture series written by the pseudonymous philosopher FuckTheory and read by friends who will serve as live stand-ins, beginning with writer, scholar, and sex columnist Chelsea G. Summers. The lectures will think through some of the persistent problems of recent intellectual history, and ask seriously what the present situation implies for the habits and institutions in and through which we are used to thinking and creating. The organizing thread of the lectures will be the insistence that the ways we think about and talk about the world are inseparable from the ways we live in it and the conditions under which we do so; that the dominant and hegemonic intellectual institutions push the epistemologies and ideologies they push for a reason; and that to think differently and to live differently are inseparable, parallel propositions.

In hosting the lectures, Postmasters hopes not only to give voice to alternative ways of framing knowledge and critique but also to create a space where anyone interested in thinking seriously through the anxiety of the present can engage without the insular divisions that are often present in familiar spaces of intellectual engagement. The gallery will remain open after each lecture for conversation.

It will be cool.
You should come.