Lady Eats Apple

We are finite in an infinite world: the punchline of existence is how little of it we’re given. Join us on a journey of mythical proportions with Back to Back Theatre’s new major work, LADY EATS APPLE.

Art Exhibition previously on at Carriageworks in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 16 March 2017 to Saturday 18 March 2017

Lady Eats Apple image

Published by Carriageworks on Wednesday 21 December 2016.
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Set inside a vast, awe-inspiring inflatable, LADY EATS APPLE is a story about the inevitability of death, our fragility and the myths and illusions we create to fortify ourselves. Inarguably one of the world’s most important contemporary theatre companies working today, Back to Back Theatre charts new trails deeper into the landscape of the unconscious with their most epic work to date.