Fiona Abicare

In COVERS, Abicare turns her attention to the architecture of the Kerry Gardner & Andrew Myer Project Gallery, transforming it into an opulent interior that is reminiscent of a 1940s Hollywood stage-set. Influenced by modernist art, design and architecture, and period fashions of the 1930s and 1940s, this project also responds to the history and identity of Heide.

Art Exhibition previously on at Heide Museum of Modern Art in Australia.
From Saturday 01 November 2008 to Sunday 22 February 2009

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 28 October 2008.
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COVERS is a newly created site-specific installation by Melbourne artist Fiona Abicare. Abicare’s predominantly sculptural practice explores her interests in the connections between museum, retail and domestic spaces and the material qualities and associations of objects.

For COVERS Abicare has meticulously created an ensemble of pieces that both complement and conceal the architectural features of the Project Gallery. These evocative ‘visual props’ are presented in two different versions and settings: on display in the gallery and documented in two black and white photographs that hang on the wall.

Abicare is particularly interested in the ways in which we respond to objects and how the sites they occupy might affect such readings. By presenting the items in COVERS in different arrangements and contexts she offers alternate readings of the objects and invites visitors to construct their own narratives around them.